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Role Players 2019

Rahul Maroo

Chief Executive Officer
(Omkar Worli)
Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Rahul is a highly experienced professional with about a decade of experience spread across global & domestic markets. He specializes in providing breakthrough leadership to achieve corporate strategies, build robust businesses, create engineering models, sales, marketing & PR along with distribution engine, building alliances, implementing and managing change to drive organizational performance. He has extensive experience of business operations right from small organization to mid-size conglomerates. Brand Portfolio Custodian and Evangelist with India's Leading Real Estate Company. In addition to being CEO for Omkar Worli, Rahul also spearheads the Organizational strategy as Chief Strategist & all International Business of Omkar as well.

In a very short span, Rahul has successfully converted the market understanding into strategies, tools and tactics which have enabled Omkar to build a long-term relationship with their current & future stakeholders. His dynamic leadership & direction, on constantly changing market, is highly valued & respected in the industry.